Posted by on April 1, 2014


Stop by the sound booth on Sunday. Pick up Prayer Cards and Invitations! Use them!

One wonderful thing about the world celebrating Easter is that it affords us with a lot of free advertisement for our celebration of Jesus’ resurrection! Take this opportunity to pray for your friends and family members who do not know Christ. Pray for your own opportunities to dialogue with people about the reason you’re celebrating. And use this as an opportunity to invite guests to come with you.

We’ve provided prayer cards–cards on which you can write a name or names of people you are praying for in this season. Pick cards up on Sunday. Join in. Pray. Participate.

We’ve provided special invitation cards that you can hand out to friends and family members who don’t know Christ and the celebration of His resurrection. Please pick up as many as you will pass out–and get them into people’s hands. We’d love to see many guests join us at the Passover Seder, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday Service this year.

And as you utilize these tools, pray also for the opportunity you’ll have to share with people about spiritual things–it’s truly a fertile season for such conversations. People can only talk so long about Easter Bunnies and colored eggs, right? Jesus is a lifelong, life-giving topic.

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